Steve Grumbine: Truth About Money

13 August 2018 – We were lucky enough to have Steve Grumbine, of Real Progressives, for the entire show. We talked briefly about the recent OH-12 special election and his take on how the Greens impacted the election. We then spent the rest of the show talking about spreading the word about modern monetary theory and messaging.

Next week we have terrific interviews with experts on Puerto Rico and the following week we have Nancy Altman of Social Security Works on her new book, The Truth About Social Security. Stay tuned, August is going to be a great month on Hopping Mad! Many Carrots – Arliss

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2 thoughts on “Steve Grumbine: Truth About Money

  1. Steve Grumbine and Real Progressives are fantastic. They (RP) are trying so hard to educate people about the the economic truth ( MMT) that is being suppressed by the government and greedy corporations.

    Our Elected officials have been lying to the people and purposely keeping them in the dark about what they are entitled to under the constitution. Maybe they are just ignorant about it, which is inexcusable Congress and President should know MMT and how to pay for public purpose programs and jobs with living wages. If they don’t, they do not belong in those jobs. But I agree with Steve, I think they do know. They know how to pay outrageous amounts for Military and never cry a tear about funding it.

    No person should have the right to influence Congress with money (or anything else) from giving people goods and services that we have a right to. We need to take the money out of elections and stop this madness. FDR was going to give us the New Deal and we deserve it. No person in this country should be hopeless, homeless, without healthcare jobless and unhappy. Modern slavery is here. A bought Congress and President and Media is not looking out for the people,and that needs to stop. The way we stop it is EDUCATION .

    People need to know MMT. Knowledge is POWER. Children need to be taught MMT and it should be a mandatory part of their curriculum . There is nothing more important than knowing your Constitutional Rights as a Citizen of the United States. We as citizens are entitle to life, liberty and the persecute of happiness, Our founding fathers wanted this for us. They wanted everyone to have a good life, so they put it into law. Greed has come between us and these rights.

    You in the media need to help us and yourselves . The greedy suppress us all, when they should be taking care of us and protecting us from greed and power. This is an physical and mental assault on the American people. it is the job of media to liberate us. Please help us educate the people, we need you.

    1. Hello, Sandra! I started talking about MMT in 2012 and have been pushing the boulder steadily uphill ever since. It is the reason I wrote my book and the reason I started this podcast three years ago. We love having fellow MMTers on the show! Steve and RP are terrific. they are working so hard and the policies they are supporting are completely in line with the ethic of both Will and myself. We are happy to help and to stay on the message any way we can.

      Thank you for your thoughts. Keep up the good work! – Many carrots! Arliss

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