Science, 2017, and Farming with Liz Brownlee

18.12.2017 – What a year this has been. We were happy to end this year’s interview with the amazing Liz Brownlee, who talked farm policy with us, while Arliss tackled the continuing war on science, and the two of us discussed our hopes for 2018.

What a year. Star Wars is breaking records at the box office again, and you know, when Episode 4, A New Hope came out, there was this feeling that the Empire had been around forever. But having watched the prequels, it’s only about 20 years old. And boy do I understand that because 2017 could basically have lasted 20 years.

But 2018 will be better. We won in Alabama, and have eroded the GOP senate majority, and the future looks bright. But more importantly, we’re all going to work hard to make it bright. We look forward to working with all of you for a better country next year.

See you in January – Will

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