Hopping Mad will return next week. For now, an interview with Alexis Goldstein on Banking Reform

5 September 2016 – Unfortunately, we just weren’t able to get an episode up for everyone this week. With Arliss’ illness, and some craziness at work for both of us, things just didn’t come together.

We will absolutely be back next week with a full episode. This week, we reprise the interview with Alexis Goldstein, who does a deep dive into economic policy. Here’s what Arliss wrote about that last time:

Our guest, Alexis Goldstein updates us on where we are today with the implementation process. Alexis is a Senior Policy Analyst at Americans for Financial Reform and has been in the thick of the Dodd-Frank battle from back in her days with Occupy the SEC when she co-authored a 325-page Comment letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission urging them to write rules for a strong version of the Volker Rule. Seriously, that’s my kind of banking wonk. During our conversation Alexis referred to a link at Bloomberg and that is here for your easy reference.

Stay tuned, folks. We’ll be back soon.


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