Podcasters Roundtable with Tom, Rachel and Travis

18 April 2016 – Arliss is on vacation for two weeks but we’ve decided to go ahead with the show. For a little fun Tom Cheevers of the Coffee Cast joined us, along with Tom and Rachel Hutchison of Irreverent Testimony.

Our frenetic roundtable conversation ran the fullest possible gamut from religion, to the chaos of  the GOP primary, to terrorism and then to feminism. Great fun was had by all as we fought through some of the tougher issues we’re dealing with in the modern world.

Next week Rachel will be back for a regular format program including an interview with a very special guest. We’ll be covering LGBT issues in depth so tune in, you won’t want to miss it. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you all next week.


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2 thoughts on “Podcasters Roundtable with Tom, Rachel and Travis

  1. Hi, I love your show! Hoping that Arliss will be able to tell us something about the new Chinese yuan going back to the gold standard, after her well-deserved break. This seems fraught with possibilities, many not too great. True? Thanks!

    1. Janet – Thank you so much for your kind words. I have been in a news black hole. Once I get back up to speed I’ll decide on the next show but I always am fascinated by China and the latest developments in the yuan. Many crisp carrots to you and yours! – Arliss

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