Podcast Archive

Beginning in the Fall of 2014 Will and Arliss were invited to appear as regular guests on The After Show which also airs on Netroots Radio. Will appeared regularly on Mondays, Arliss on Thursday and, eventually, both together on Fridays. In virtually all cases the guest spot begins just after the halfway point in the show. The After Show was not only a terrific incubator for the Hopping Mad team. Katie Klabusich started with The After Show and now hosts her own show on Netroots Radio, The Katie_Speak Show. Katie is an extraordinary resource and we recommend you take every opportunity to hear her podcast.

In order for things to be easier to find I have sorted the podcasts not by date but by subject matter. Those which rightfully belong in more than one place are cross-referenced. The brief summaries below are linked to the pages with the applicable collection of podcasts.

[Note:  The After Show is an hour long podcast. With only a couple of exceptions the segments which include Will and/or I start about thirty-five minutes into the program.]

China – it is fascinating and occasionally a bit chilling to watch as China, which is still considered and “emerging economy” goes through the difficult transition into being an economy which is more fully integrated into the financial world. The jitters of the Renminbi (the Rmb is the Chinese currency and the yuan is a denomination) will continue as the Chinese government works toward a freely floating currency. Understanding the differences between the Chinese and American currency as well as the markets is a crash course in operational monetary policy and it really is interesting, I promise.

Greece – the Greek elections in early 2015 brought into power the first government which had a basic understanding of modern monetary theory. Unfortunately, Greece was already bankrupt and virtually all of the nations of the Eurozone, due to internal political reasons, united to beat Greece into submission. In so doing Europe and “the Troika” of institutions (the European Central Bank, the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund) lost the only opportunity they could have had not only to save the Greek economy but to begin to turn around the creeping failure of the Eurozone as well. The European Union may or may not survive but the Eurozone most surely will not. Find out why.

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) – accepting an accurate understanding of fiscal and monetary policy is an extraordinarily powerful tool for progressives in redefining the available policy space. Almost every time we have a policy priority we are blocked with the old neoliberal saw, “how ya’ gonna’ pay for that?” MMT has the answer and then some. This is how we win.

Other – some podcasts really didn’t fit anywhere else so I have collected them on this page. Notes included with each describe the subject matter.