Ornaments! Arliss Bunny & Deficit Owl

Why just have ornaments during the holidays?!? Arliss Bunny and Thurston Owl––Deficit Owl, are prepared to hang-in with you throughout the year. Handmade by a wonderful artisan in the Midwest, Arliss and Thurston are the modern money companions you did not realize you needed but now must have. Available singly or together, they are Hopping Mad exclusives. After all, you came this far, now Arliss and Thurston are just a click of fiat money away.

Note:  shipping within the United States IS included in the pricing. For international orders email us through this website or directly to ImHoppingMad@gmail.com and we will work out the difference in pricing for you. – Carrots!

Arliss Bunny Ornament (SOLD OUT)

If Arliss Bunny looks like she is a bit disapproving, well, that’s just the way it is. She majored in Disapproval at SBUNY and is, therefore, perfectly suited to do battle with neoliberal economic theories. Arliss is a proud proponent of Modern Monetary Theory and perhaps the only rabbit American ever known to sport the ancient McLeod family tartan. Arliss is 4″ tall. She refuses to discuss her width or weight and, frankly, she’s pretty annoyed that you asked.



Thurston Owl-Deficit Owl Ornament (SOLD OUT)

Thurston Owl is that most rare of deficit fowl, the deficit owl. You have, no doubt, seen the deficit doves softly cooing their deficit drivel and playing right into the claws of the, much more common, deficit hawks. Thurston flies above them all with the calm assurance that as a monetary sovereign his government can never “go broke.” His cape, which sports the symbol of the mighty fiat US dollar, is a sure sign that muscular, fiat currencies need no longer cower in the shadows of debt. Thurston is faster than unnecessary unemployment, more powerful than an infrastructure shortfall, able to leap tall tales of fiscal crisis in a single bound. He’s a Deficit Owl! Thurston is 4″ tall and about the same width though his cape is a bit wavy so it’s hard to be exact. If you don’t think you need a deficit owl Thurston will want to know just “Whooo” you think you are?!?


Arliss AND Thurston (SOLD OUT)

These two modern money warriors belong side-by-side. After all, the neoliberal army is vast and we, the MMT few, are a small but mighty contingent which needs all the hands and paws and talons we can get. Help spread the word by inviting Arliss and Thurston into your home, dorm room, office, car* or anywhere else you can think of. People WILL ask. [* Arliss IS prone to motion sickness. I recommend dosing her carrot juice with Dramamine if you plan to take her driving.]


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